The industry’s home for corrugated specialty substrates

• Graphic SBS liners – digital and screen print quality
• Fanfold/Accordion-Folded – scoring and print options
• Colour coated liners – a rainbow of colours for displays
• Functional/Barrier Liners – specialty coatings
• Fine Flutes – an array of applications including direct offset for folding carton alternatives
• Doublewall – unique flute combinations
• Slit Scored Sheets & Pads – for all applications

Our line of specialty corrugated board solutions provide your clients a graphic vehicle to promote their brand image. Our processes ensure efficient production and consistent colour for high impact graphic displays and resilient packaging products.

Included within this section of the ICI catalogue is the following:

Graphic liners – ICI’s graphic liners ensure print quality on many specialty corrugated substrates. Utilizing SBS linerboard, our team is able to provide a surface paper that captures marketplace attention for both packaging and POP applications.

Functional/Barrier – Our dependable functional coating service is well known. We meet specialty corrugated coating requirements for a range of substrates to meet your performance requirements.

Fanfold – The high quality corrugated fanfold options we provide help companies save storage space and reduce material waste. We can now offer use of our new box making service, utilizing our fanfold for short-run and jumbo plain cartons.

Colour coating – Our I-COAT™ system delivers eye-catching colour and coating consistency. It’s the colour coating solution for companies looking to achieve long-term brand credibility for displays and packaging.

Microflutes – ICI is one of the few companies in North America to offer microflute N and F corrugated board to the open market. Our material is produced on a conventional corrugator and is an excellent substrate for the folding carton market in lieu of heavy caliper solid fibre board.

Doublewall – The versatile construction of our doublewall combinations demonstrates that this substrate is ideal for packaging, signage and display’s. When you combine this material with our SBS linerboard and our various coating options you have a product line that defines the phrase “…our products, your imagination”.

Slit scored sheets and pads – Slit scored sheets and pads from ICI are ideal for companies with complex shipping demands. They’re designed to easily fold straight or at right angles into a desired shape without the need for costly steel rule dies.

Corrugator #1 Corrugator #2
Flutes B, C, E B, E, F, N
Max. Sheet Size 77″ x 178″ 61″ x 70″ *
Min. Sheet Size 8″ x 17″ 8″ x 17″

*Longer Sheet lengths available on Corrugator #2 for large volume orders. Consult sales service for details.

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