Corrugated graphic liners that demand attention!

• Servicing the folding carton, POP display, signage & screen print markets
• Direct litho offset printing
• High quality imagery with excellent ink adhesion & print hold out
• Well suited for branding & promotional requirements

The quality of imagery on packaging and POP displays is an essential component to branding and promotional success. The public is enticed by products that can capture their attention and their imagination with standout graphics. Organizations within the promotional field are always under pressure to utilize materials that support highly refined graphic content and substrate recyclability. At Independent Corrugator Inc. (ICI), you will discover a full range of corrugated graphic liners that provide the foundation for your long-term market success.

Here are some of the advantages of graphic liners from ICI:

High quality imagery when used with offset, screen and digital inks – ICI manufactures corrugated sheets using our full array of flutes and doublewall combinations with our coated white SBS graphic substrate. This enables you to achieve high impact print quality that “shines”.

Graphic Liners

Smooth surfaces improve images – The thinner the flute the smoother the surface when combined with our corrugated graphic liners. Our microflute options of N (38pt) and F (48pt) offer folding carton companies the opportunity to offset print directly on the substrate without the need for label lamination. Sheets can then be quickly and easily converted on die-cutting, folding and gluing equipment. This process is similar with digital and screen print directly on our doublewall versions of the same graphic liners.

Expert-level precision – Our ICI experts understand the requirements of the ever evolving print industry. Therefore, we can recommend corrugated graphic liners for a broad range of applications, and test these potential solutions within our ISTA-certified laboratory environment. It’s the manufacturing process that ensures long-term product quality for high value branding.

Discover the effect their industry leading corrugated graphic liners can have on your organization’s print quality and process. Contact us today to speak with those who have years of experience in the packaging and promotional material manufacturing field.