Maximize your space with corrugated fanfold options

• Custom web widths, from 8” to 77“
• Folded every 48” to fit on standard pallets
• Scored to your specifications
• Manufactured plain or printed 1 colour
• Singlewall C, B, E flutes, or doublewall BC, EC, EB flutes
• Available in various board grade combinations including white
• Perforated scores and nicking available

As warehouse space becomes ever-more costly for growing organizations, companies are now reviewing solutions that help them to conserve the amount of space their packaging occupies. It’s for this reason that many of our clients now choose Independent Corrugators Inc. (ICI) fanfold products. Creased then folded every 48” in order to fit standard warehouse pallets and racking. Our fanfold is a continuous length of corrugated material typically at 1000ft. per pile for B and C Flutes, 500ft. for Doublewall and 2500ft for E Flute.

common end views

Advantages of choosing ICI for corrugated fanfold products include:

Reduces the need for long custom-sized boxes – ICI’s corrugated fanfold solutions offer a consolidated footprint. This enables you to integrate more products within your warehouse and helps cut down on the space required for storing and handling a myriad of custom sized boxes. Furthermore, eliminates the need for extremely long boxes that are difficult to store and manipulate through narrow production facilities.

Box Making – You can purchase short-run plain boxes made from our stock fanfold corrugated. Achieving “sudden service” production of basic packaging styles such as RSC’s, 5PW’s, and COWs has never been easier.

Purchase Options 

If you have limited space at your facility you can purchase as little as 6000 Linear feet per order or full trailer loads of same or mixed sizes. We also offer the option of printing your one colour simple company logo on the outside and/or cautionary notes/symbols. Furthermore, we offer 100% colour coverage or functional coatings that provide anti-abrasive qualities, moisture resistance or corrosion resistance.

Streamlining the manufacturing and production process for corrugated fanfold products, ICI can help you resolve complex shipping and storage demands. To learn more, speak with our on-site experts