Independent Corrugator Inc. Sustainable paper coatings

• Your INDEPENDENT Off-Line Roll-to-Roll System Coaters
• I-COAT™ responds to your paper coating challenges
• Colour coatings for enhanced aesthetics
• Functional/barrier coatings for unique and specific performance requirements

Independent Corrugator Inc. (ICI) has an innate understanding of the creation process behind superior quality paper coatings. Our experience in this regard is highlighted by the number of specially-designed coatings available through the use of our exclusive I-COAT™ system.

Functional coatings for complex demands – We can help you respond to unique coating challenges with specially-created functional coating solutions based on industry experience. Whether your organization requires abrasion resistant coatings for industrial products, or water resistant coatings for food and beverage packaging, we can design and offer an effective coating solution within a consolidated timeframe.

Vibrant colour coatings for enhanced aesthetics – We offer the industry’s leading selection of colour coating solutions. These coatings can be colour-matched to Pantone® colours or custom matched with consistency from one run to the next. Our I-COAT™ colours are attractive, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

To learn more about ICI or to discuss your paper coating requirements, contact us now. Coating experts are standing-by to respond to your unique requirements.