Trade services for box plants, your corrugated partner

• Specialty corrugated & coating solutions
• Your supplied paper with our coatings
• Your supplied paper using our corrugator
• Fully certified ISTA testing lab services available
• On demand fanfold box machine designed for short production runs
• Timely delivery

Independent Corrugator Inc. (ICI) is considered one of North America’s unique leaders for specialty corrugated board and paper coatings. Often assisting other corrugator facilities in the event of breakdowns or by producing products beyond their capabilities. We are able to meet specific trade services requirements for complex or uncommon corrugated products.

ICI’s trade services suite includes:

Your Paper, Our Coatings – When you have a unique demand for quality paper coatings, we will respond with the utmost reliability. Our team provides bold colour coatings that demand marketplace attention. We also have the ability to apply functional coatings that enable corrugated companies to meet requirements for qualities such as moisture resistance and corrosion protection just to name a few.

Your Paper, Our Corrugator – ICI has the corrugating equipment to efficiently manufacture material utilizing customer provided papers. Whether you require corrugation of preprinted paper, chipboard or specialty linerboards, our choice of two corrugators and multiple flute options provide a variety of potential solutions. Alternatively, ICI could combine your paper with our corrugating medium or perhaps our SBS corrugated graphic liners for flexo post-print, UV digital, screen, or litho offset print opportunities.

ISTA-Certified Testing Lab – The safety of products shipped in containers or boxes is a paramount concern to today’s leading organizations. Simple trial and error can lead to product damage and financial loss. Many companies are now turning to our packaging testing lab team (North American Testing Services) to “pre-flight” their prototypes before moving into full production stage.

ICI has one of North America’s highly respected and user friendly packaging test facilities at our Mississauga, Ontario location. It’s a service tool that helps us produce superior quality products and enhance our customers’ market reputation.

Box Maker – The benefit of having access to our on-demand box maker is that you can source unprinted short-run corrugated boxes made to your specifications. By offering all the basic box styles on a machine that uses corrugated fanfold, clients can consolidate their purchasing process. In addition, this service helps reduce the need for additional void fill products such as bubble wrap, which can add expense and degrade the environment after use.

Partnering with ICI means collaborating with a company that has years of corrugated industry success as their foundation. To learn more about our company and the trade service we provide, contact us today.