ISTA Certified lab services for enhanced structual integrity

• Linerboard and paper testing
Packaging analysis & testing
• Pre-Shipment Testing
• Humidity & temperature environment testing
• Coated paper testing
• Dangerous goods testing (transport Canada)

To ensure that corrugated board and coating solutions are performing for their intended uses, companies must conduct certified independent and rigorous test services. However, few organizations have an ISTA-certified laboratory directly within their manufacturing premises.

Independent Corrugator Inc. (ICI) testing facility – North American Testing Services – is a division of the company that specializes in deriving accurate and dependable results through testing the performance of packaging products in a broad array of conditions. With 20 years experience in the products testing field, we are ready to help you meet the toughest of application challenges.

Advantages of choosing our paper testing services include:

Dangerous goods testing – ICI can help you meet each of the UN specifications for testing dangerous goods. As an accredited facility, each of the tests conducted within this category will be concluded complete with photographs and a detailed report of the comprehensive testing regimen undertaken.

Complete humidity and temperature testing – Our testing specialists review the performance of packaging and coatings under a range of conditions. Analyzing the response of linerboard products to specific humidity and temperature extremes will help you ensure your product is suitable for entrance into the marketplace.

Analysis of transit and handling – The team at the ICI lab will review the way in which packages respond to specific types of handling such as compression, vibration, stacking and dropping. These tests are conducted under controlled conditions to provide the most accurate results.

Poorly performing packaging solutions can affect a company’s brand reputation, speed to market and reduce its credibility with current and future customers. Contact us today to achieve proactive analysis on all future packaging systems