Basic, plain box styles made to your dimensions

• Small orders from our Box Machine
• Custom size packaging made from our fanfold
• Ideal for extremely long product packaging
• Eliminate the need for void fillers
• RSC’s, FOL’s, 5 Panel Wraps, Cut-Out Wraps, Tele Lids and Bodies

OnDemand-cartonsThese products replace excessively large standard boxes that often take up significant
space within a warehouse. It is for this reason that companies are now turning to our box manufacturing technology to help reduce their expenditure and to secure more appropriately sized boxes for their unique applications.

We offer our customers the use of our Box Maker, and encourage many to invest in this affordable technology that utilizes our high quality fanfold for production.

Advantages of the ICI Box Maker include:

Reducing waste – The Box Making system enables you to utilize custom sized boxes made of fanfold for shipping, storing or packaging needs. These products replace excessively large standard boxes that often take up significant space within a warehouse. They’re also designed to help streamline inventory management and reduce material waste.

Ideal for extremely long products – Most box companies have large presses for jumbo cartons but there is a size limitation to those machines. The Box Maker at ICI utilizes fanfold that is up 1000 lineal feet long so it can produce packaging sizes that exceeds most conventional jumbo box equipment.

Improved environmental standards – The ICI Box Maker services can help you meet the ever-more-stringent environmental standards imposed by regulatory authorities. By utilizing this service, you can reduce your reliance on box filler products such as bubble-wrap and air pillows.

You can now meet the ever-changing demands of your customers by working with ICI to secure cost-effective boxes that are made-to-order. To learn more about this technology, contact us today.