Colour coated corrugated board for visually captivating displays

• Rainbow of colours matched to Pantone (PMS), GCMI or your custom colour
• Add an optional top coat of gloss varnish
• Branding your product with value added vibrant colours
• Cost savings by eliminating print dies & reducing material waste

Marketing to customers successfully in today’s competitive retail space requires product displays that stand for consummate professionalism and unique branding quality. Companies spend months on branding campaigns ensuring that each element is optimized for precisely targeted messaging. But some companies lose focus when it comes to their floor or counter displays.

As a paper coatings specialist, Independent Corrugator Inc. (ICI) helps brands discover their sales potential with efficient roll to roll colour coatings.

The benefits of choosing our colour coatings for corrugated board are clear:

Save time and money – Our process for colour management ensures all elements are optimized before the coating begins through the use of draw-downs and signed approvals. You can save time and money by working with our team for each of your pre-coating steps. Save on printing die costs, and avoid flute coverage issues, press downtime and colour inconsistency by entrusting us with your coating projects.

Expanded colour choice for optimal marketing – Companies require consistent branding if they are to achieve long-term brand-recognition within the consumer marketplace. That’s why many organizations are now working with ICI. Our I-COAT™ roll to roll system enables you to offer your customers a range of colour choices beyond the existing capabilities of your current equipment inventory.

Optional top coat clear varnish – We prefer to finish (upon approval) our colour coated corrugated applications with an in-house varnish. This water-based varnish is designed to enhance both the vibrancy and the durability of the colour coating by adding gloss to the material and improving rub resistance.

High impact corrugate branding begins with the colour coating solutions from ICI. Contact us today to learn more about the full range of corrugated coating services.