Singleface products for packaging and protective uses

• Sheets available in B, C, E, F, N flutes
• Open face doublewall available in EB, EC, EE and BC
• With colour and/or functional barrier coatings
• One colour simple “random-repeat” print also available

Singleface corrugated board is primarily used for product protection, packaging (singleface laminating) and decorative applications. The structural versatility of this product means that many organizations are now reviewing the marketplace for specialists who can offer singleface corrugated board products that are of the requisite sizing, functionality and even a colour to meet their unique packaging demands.

At Independent Corrugators Inc. (ICI),  we’re proud of our production skill and wide product range.

Our full suite of singleface products includes:

Varied range of corrugated board flutes – ICI offers B, C, E, F and N flutes to ensure you find the requisite singleface product to meet your structural demands. Whether you are searching for larger flute profiles that assure greater inherent product compression strength or smaller flutes for a smoother surface, ICI is ready to serve the marketplace with the appropriate products.

Functional singleface coatings – The full ICI production capabilities ensures that you can achieve fast access to functional coatings that meet your application needs. If you require abrasion resistance, moisture/grease resistance or even ESD (conductive) coated singleface sheets for electrical component applications, ICI is the company to call.

Colour singleface coatings – The selection of superior quality colours available through ICI enable you to meet your customer’s specific colour coating demands. ICI can also add a top coat varnish to ink enhanced singleface sheets if required.

Contact the ICI team to ask any questions, and to place your order. Fast turnaround projects begin the moment the call is made!